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• Bar (scroll to Bar)
• 5 Minutes walk to the main hot spots of Old Tbilisi
• Budget
• Clean
• Old, Historical house with great view on Tbilisi from Veranda
• Cheapest price for old town location
• Comfy clean beds and Friendly atmosphere
• BBQ area, Kitchen and Luggage Storage
We have 3 years experience in this field. So, if you have decided to visit the real Tbilisi and not the central Tbilisi on the Map : )then you are on the right way!! We'll try to explain.. On the map the central Tbilisi is the station square and surroundings but the real Tbilisi where all the hot spots and sight-seeings are located is the Old Tbilisi. Our hostel is located in the quaintest part of Old Tbilisi, 5 minutes walk to the main hot spots such as:
• Narikala Fortress
• Sulfur Bathes
• Metekhi Bridge
• Botanical Garden and waterfall
• Mother of Georgia Monument
• Shardeni street
• Cable car to fortress
• Freedom Square (10 minutes)
• Flea/Vintage Market (15 minutes) etc>
“Friends hostel” is the place where you can have fun with friends, relax and enjoy your vacation even alone. We offer you special place in the center of historical old Tbilisi. Here you can find the synthesis of modern downtown and historical buildings. Everything - cafes, bars, pubs, museums, parks, squares – are near or easily reachable from our hostel.
What's nearby?
The nearest street is Shardeni street, where you can find many souvenir shops, night clubs, coffee-shops, bars & restaurants. It is the place where you can dance, hang out and enjoy night life. 
Near hostel: 
• Shops
• Pharmacy
• Currency exchange
• ATMs
• Restaurants, cafe-bar area
• etc













Few friends, ideas, experience in hostel management, simple and enjoyable things mixed each other. 4 just graduated (addicted to traveling) friends decided to launch a place for tourists who are interested to visit  Georgia… Tbilisi.

Our team offers you Tbilisi’s most friendly, cozy and comfortable hostel. The hostel has one of the best locations in town – it is situated on the small hillside in the Old Town Center and has a great view across the Old Town. It is a perfect place to experience Georgian hospitality. There’s something for everyone: the sleepy ones can rest in our comfortable beds, the party animals can have a drink downstairs in the bar and the travelling stories will be shared on the balcony where we have a nice chill out corner. We find luxury in simple things – if you do, too, then our hostel is your best choice!

Friends Hostel is located in the heart of old Tbilisi near the Narikhala Fortress (an ancient symbol of Tbilisi's defensive brilliance), surrounded by the old stylish houses and architecture aged to perfection which creates the atmosphere you can never forget! The building itself is a very old and historic one, with the old styled interior. Our friendly staff is always ready to provide you with any kind of information as well as directions.

Directions and Transportation

There are two main Direction spots you can start from:

Freedom Square (metro station): From Freedom Square you just walk down to the Leselidze Str. about and at the end of it there is a Meidan Palace and Machakhela, the exact point to turn left right side up to Tumaniani street is at the corner of Machakhela. And when you walk up Tumaniani Street there is another turn at N9 left up to Betlemi Street and there we are Betlemi Str. N 28-30.

Avlabari (Metro station) : When you go out of the metro station you have to cross street and keep right when you pass the Liberty bank and fountain square there is decent, slope called Wine Rise (Gvinis agmart'i) when you walk down this decent you'll get to Europe Square, now you just need to cross the Metekhi Bridge (bottom of the King on horse statue, not the new bridge) and you are at Meidan Palace and Machakhela, the exact point to turn left right side up to Tumaniani street is at the corner of 24 hour restaurant Samikitno/Machakhela. When you walk up Tumaniani Street there is another turn at between N9 and N7, left up to follow signs "Friends" and there we are, above the garage bar

Guests have several ways to choose how to get from airport to our place:
• Train
• Bus
• Taxi
• Our Airport Pick-up Service

There is a Metro Station near freedom square. All kinds of public transport available, buses and minibuses.



Friends' Esoterique Bar - Life starts here . . .


Got 6 gel? - start drinking with us  

Batumi Hostel

Batumi Hostel - Our Partner Hostel in a Beautiful city of Batumi

We offer Discounts for Batumi hostel by staying at one of our hostels. Batumi is a beautiful beach city on the black sea. In the end of April there is snow on the mountains behind the city and you can swim cause water is about 17 Celsius warm. Summer is great and very touristic, but there are places where you can find your place to rest and relax. This is the first Hostel in Batumi, located in the center of Batumi, 2 minutes walk to the boulvard, dolphinarium/Aquarium and 5 minutes to the beach. 15 minutes walk from Batumi tourist info center. Address is Lermontovi street 10.

Old Batumi is full of old and renovated houses our hostel is a 2 floor house standing in one of the most live part of beach area full of cafes, bars and local eateries around and in front of the hostel. There are 4 Private rooms and one 10 bed dormitory allocated on 2 floors with balconies. There are two new and clean bathrooms with toilets and hot water, 2 kitchens, 2 washing machines, 2 fridges, TV in common area, Wi-fi, towels, linen, coffee&tea for free and other useful facilities for travelers.

Tbilisi Rooms

Tbilisi Rooms Hostel is our higher standard accommodation on the main avenue. Rooms are equipped with best mattresses available on market, have air condition (AC) during summer and heating during winter. The hostel is quite big with huge corridor and video surveillance for your security. Kitchen and bathrooms are shared and good standard. Rooms are located exactly on the avenue with easy access from two metro stations exactly in the heart of center in front of Opera house. The place has affordable prices meeting standards attractive not for only sole travellers but for couples and families with children who are looking for privacy and comfort. As always we try to keep prices lowest in the neighbourhood and standards better then competitors and prices start from 45 Gel per night per room (two beds) and 20 GEL per bed in dorm. For booking and additional info visit facebook page here or contact via hosteltbilisirooms@gmail.com email  


Tbilisi Tours

Enjoy our Exotic Tours in Tbilisi

Tbilisi Vintage Tour and a Local Brewery - 6.5 Euro


Now we have to buy some Vintage things on Tbilisi Vintage Market, old cameras, sunglasses, paintings and lots of vintage things. Maybe you'll find some artwork from unknown painters which will earn you millions, as it was with Niko Pirosmani paintings once : ) Moving towards brewery. Do you like beer? We'll taste Beer in the local Tbilisi brewery and eat as much as you can. National dumplings called Khinkali with sauce in it, different choices of meat, cheese, local special roasted bread and just brewed BEER. Mmm… Delicious !
Tour includes
• Entertaining tour guide
• Free mineral Water
• 5 Khinkali
• Shot of Beer
• Shot of Chacha
• Begin the tour at a time that suits group
• 2–3 hour tour, depending on the group's wishes

Secrets of Old Tbilisi - 4 Euro

In Georgian Old Tbilisi is “Dzveli Tbilisi”. This part of the city was founded in 5th Century and is full of legends, history of invasions, defense and love. Character is old and the soul is older. Let’s explore the real old Tbilisi, old churches, not yet renovated houses on the hidden streets, sulfur bathes, fortress, caves and then have a rest in botanical garden next to the waterfall. Old Tbilisi tour will give you the most impressive memories about Tbilisi.
Tour includes
• Free mineral Water
• Free coffee & tee
• Entertaining tour guide
• Begin the tour at a time that suits group
• 2–3 hour tour, depending on the group's wishes


Tbilisi Central Bazaar - 5 Euro

Want to taste real exotic, non touristic Bazaar where you can buy healthy fresh food and give to prepare it at the same place in a local way? Moving towards the Bazaar..Georgian fruits and vegetables grown in the garden next to the owner's house who is selling it. Central Bazaar/Market is located near the Central Station. Sorts of cheese from different regions of Georgia, fish, sauces, species and salty vegetables. Bazaar is waiting you every day.
Tour includes
• Free mineral Water
• Food tasting
• Entertaining tour guide
• Begin the tour at a time that suits group
• 2–3 hour tour, depending on the group's wishes

Day Tours

Cheapest Day Tours in Georgia

David Gareja and Sighnaghi - 45 $

David Gareja monastery was built in VI century by on of the Assyrian fathers. It's located in the south border to Azerbaijan and represents monastery complex with hundreds of cells, churches, chapels, refectories and living quarters hollowed out of the rock face. Sighnaghi is a small town in Kakheti wine region. Famous with carpet production, wine and meat dishes.

08:00 Pick-up
10:30 David Gareja Tour
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Heading to Sighnaghi
15:00 Sighnaghi Tour
19:00 Leaving for Tbilisi
21:30 Freedom Square

Tour includes
• Entertaining tour guide
• Free mineral Water



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**Private rooms in Tbilisi have no outdoor windows

for additional info email us: info@friendshostel.ge


Useful Info


Everything you would like to know about Tbilisi

Tbilisi lies in the centre of eastern Georgia, in the foothills of the Trialeti mountain range. According to Georgian legends, it was founded in the 5th century by King Vakhtang Gorgasali who, while hunting, shot a pheasant which fell into a warm spring and was either boiled or healed. Either way, the king was inspired to found a city on the site, and the name of the city derives from the Georgian word "tbili-თბილი" meaning "warm". Although the city has been destroyed and rebuilt some 29 times, the layout of the Old Town is largely intact with narrow alleys and big crooked houses built around courtyards. 

Old Tbilisi is centered in the Historic District of Tbilisi, which, due to its significant architectural and urban value, as well as the threat to its survival, was previously listed on the World Monuments Watch (1998, 2000, 2002).
The district is located on the both sides of the Mtkvari River and is dominated by Mount Mtatsminda, Narikala fortress and the Kartlis Deda monument. It chiefly represents a 19th-century urban fabric with largely eclectic architecture which includes the buildings and structures from the 5th to the 20th century. However, most of the pre-19th century city did not survive due to the devastating Persian invasion of 1795. The district houses a bulk of the tourist attractions in Tbilisi, including churches, museums, sulphur bathhouses, and peculiar wooden houses with open, carved balconies. In the 19th century, the core territory of the modern-day district of Old Tbilisi was tentatively subdivided into ethnic neighborhoods such as Avlabari with its Armenian and Georgian quarters on the left bank of the Kura River and the Persian Quarter (Said-Abad) on the right bank of the Kura River.

Getting there from the airport

There are several ways to get to the city centre from the Tbilisi International Airport. 
A taxi would take you there in  about 30 min, and should not cost you more than 25-30 Laris. Be sure to agree on the price before getting in, meters are not used.
Bus #37 leaves from the right corner of the arrival area every 15-30 minutes, between 8:00 and 23:00 to the city center. It travels via Freedom Square, Rustaveli, Republic Square and Tamar Bridge, to the main train station (Vagzal). The trip can take up to 50 minutes. The fare is 0.50 GEL. 
Trains from the airport to the main train station cost 2 GEL and are fast. The train runs only 6 or 7 times a day but the trips are synchronized with flight arrivals so it's worth to check the schedule. 

How to get to Mestia Svaneti

The easiest and smartest way is to take a night train to Zugdidi from Tbilisi central station. It costs 15 GEl and you can buy ticket everywhere via Pay-Box terminal or via www.railway.ge After getting in zugdidi early in the morning you can take Marshutka (mini bus) to Mestia and it will take max 3 hours. So around at 10 AM you are in Mestia. P.s you save overnight accommodation cost 

How to get to David Gareja

David Gareja road is the worst after Tusheti road. To get there you can take Marshutka near Samgori Metro station to Sagarejo. On the last stop in Sagarejo there are Taxi drivers who offer drive back and forth drive for 25 Gel per person. They wait in David Gareja for couple of ours. Tip: Take Min two bottles of water. Mini bus prices and time tables  

How to get to Tusheti

This is the worst and most dangerous road. The best way to get to Tusheti is to contact Tusheti Land They are locals from Tusheti and will give you best tips and offers if you stay in our hostel 

Safety and disturbances

Tbilisi can be considered a safe city. However, we recommend not to wander the streets alone at night, especially girls. It is recommended to dress rather conservatively, as revealing clothes might draw unwanted attention to foreign girls. 
All kind of Emergency: 112 from mobile and land-line
All the road signs in Georgia are also spell in Latin alphabet, so you should be able to understand almost everything. English is not widely used, but in Tbilisi it is not so big of a problem. It is good to have some basic knowledge of Russian, almost everybody can speak Russian, maybe except from the young generation. Trying to learn at least a few words of Georgian and using it will bring a big smile to every Georgians face :)

What to see and do in Tbilisi?

There are quite many museums in town worth seeing.
Museum of Archaeology  houses monuments, discovered by the archaeological excavations in Tbilisi. The chronological frames of the collections are from the V c. B.C. up to the feudal times. In the museum is kept the earliest in the world samples of tinned bronze objects from the Delisi (Tbilisi district) dwelling, dated as 4.000 years old; bronze buckle inlayed with silver decorated with horse rider image; inventory of the Treli royal burials (XII-VIII-VII c.c. B.C.). 
Museum of Fine Arts
S. Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts was established in Tbilisi in 1920 as the National Arts Gallery of Georgia. The Museum houses the best-known samples of Georgian artwork. Different collections of the Museum preserve approximately sixty thousand objects. The Museum is distinguished for its Georgian goldsmith pieces dated back to the VIII-XIX Centuries. The most significant exhibits are the icon of Zarzma Monastery, the Chalice of Bedia, Anchistkhati and Khakhuli Triptychs, Processional Liturgical Crosses etc. Also unique are the exhibits of cut-enamel, jewelry and art textiles from VIII-XV cc. The Museum stores the works of famous Georgian painters Niko Pirosmanishvili, Lado Gudiashvili, Elene Akvlediani, David Kakabadze and others. The Museum also hosts collections of Russian, Western Europe and Oriental (mainly Persian) artworks.
Open Air Museum of Ethnography
The Open Air Museum was founded in 1966 by George Chitaia, a famous Georgian ethnographer and academician, whose name it now bears. The museum is one of the most unique museums in Georgia: you can physically "visit" almost all the regions of Georgia in several hours and learn about the architecture and traditions of different regions. The Open Air Museum is located in Tbilisi, Vake district, to the west of "Turtle Lake". It occupies 65 hectares of land. The Museum features objects of traditional art and architecture from different parts of Georgia. 
Tbilisi Museum of History
I. Grishahvili Museum of Tbilisi History was founded in 1910 as a City Museum. In 1943 it was renamed to the Tbilisi State Historic-Ethnographical Museum. Currently the museum is named after Georgian poet Ioseb Grishashvili. The Museum collection contains unique objects weapons and household accessories starting from the Bronze Age. The Museum has the collection of Lado Gugudiashvili, Mose Toidze, Elene Akhvlediani paintings as well as masterpieces of other renowned Georgian Painters. The Museum carries out scientific research into the old history of Tbilisi, and organizes expeditions in vicinities of the capital city. 
Cinema History Museum
The museum houses mostly materials, connected with the history of cinema: photo archives, cinematographic equipment, books, brochures, periodicals, posters, puppets, archives of well-known cinematographers, as well as video collections of Georgian films, and Charlie Chaplin an Woult Disney films, collection of animated films' stamps (of Georgian as well as Disney films).
Museum of Sport
The museum was established in 1965, it houses collections of medals, cups, prizes, photographs of Georgian Olympic, World and Europe champions. Also, there are numerous and various collections: audio-video records of sportsmen voices, photo negatives, films about sport and sportsmen, personal archives of well-known sportsmen, etc.

State Museum of National Instruments
The museum houses collections of Georgian and South Caucasian people authentic musical instruments, as well as European mechanical and classical musical instruments, collection of arghans (among them items, made by well-known Czech craftsman Nechada). In the museum are kept manuscript notes of Georgian folk music, audio-video records, phono-photo materials. There are also replica of a XV-XIV c.c. B.C. swan bone flute, samples of fine and applied art, gramophone records (beginning of the XX c.) of Georgian folk songs and so called Oriental songs. The museum stores paintings of L.Gudiashvili, I.Sharlemann, J.Khutsishvili, and collection of XVIII-XIX c.c. Oriental carpets and Georgian rugs. At the moment, in the have started process of reorganization, which will end in spring, 2007. 
Money Museum
The museum is situated in the Georgian National Bank building. The museum houses materials describing the history of money from VI c. up to XX c.: Colchian tetri, Alexander the Great stater, antique coins, Sasanian drahmas, Arab dirhems, coins of Georgian kings and Queens Demetre I, Giorgi III, Tamar, Lasha-Giorgi, Rusudan, as well as Venetian ducat, Turkish altun, Iranian abazi, Austrian and Polish tallers, contemporary money of various countries; also there are special literature and multimedia publication of money (on CD). 

There are many other great sites in the capital of Georgia:
Narikala fortress is an ancient symbol of Tbilisi's defensive brilliance. It is situated on the hills overlooking Tbilisi and river Mtkvari. The fortress was established in the 4th century as Shuris-tsikhe (i.e., "Invidious Fort"). It was considerably expanded by the Umayyads in the 7th century and later, by king David the Builder (1089-1125). The Mongols renamed it "Narin Qala" (i.e., "Little Fortress"). Most of extant fortifications date from the 16th and 17th centuries. In 1827, parts of the fortress were damaged by an earthquake and demolished.
From the fortress you can follow the walk round to the statue of Kartlis Deda (Mother Georgia). Erected in the early 1960s, this symbol of the city holds a sword in one hand and a cup of wine in the other - a perfect metaphor for the Georgian character, warmly welcoming guests and passionately fighting off enemies. Nearby you can also find the Botanical gardens. You can reach the gardens by taking Botanikuris kucha to the end. In the 17th and 18th centuries this was the site of the king's gardens. A physic garde was laid out here at the beginning of the following century, and in 1845 the Botanical Gardens were opened.
You definitely cannot miss the old part of Tbilisi with its old-style balconies and narrow, winding streets. There are many beautiful old churches in the town worth seeing, such as the Armenian Cathedral of St George near Gorgasalis moedani. 
Tbilisi Sulphur Baths are located just a 5-minute walk away from our hostel.  You can enjoy a nice bath, massage and peeling at a relatively affordable price.

Tbilisi Public Transport 

To use public transport in Tbilisi, easy and cheap way is to buy the Public transport Coupon, known as "MetroMoney" coupon. You can buy it on every Metro station and it will cost you 2 Gel + deposit minimum 1 Gel. You can use this coupon in every public transport in Tbilisi, even on cable bus to Fortress Narikala. So, get it and enjoy wandering around the city almost for free. Consider that after second travel, transport costs 20% less during the day only for Bus and for Subway.

Bus – Price 0.50 Gel     (The main stations: Vagzals / Didube “Okriba” Station / Samgori / Ortachala  !!!Payable by coins or "MetroMoney"!!!  No english discriptions available)

Metro/subway – Price 0.50 Gel  (2 Main Lines , that spreads the stations through the whole City, easily accessed to any location + discriptions in ENGLISH !!!Payable by "MetroMoney"!!!)

“Marshutka” (mini bus) – Price 0.80 Gel  (Marshutkas are numbered by directions as buses, easily accessed to any locations !!!Payable only by cash or "MetroMoney"!!!   No english discriptions available)

Cable bus in Old town - Price 1 Gel- It starts on Europe square (2 minutes from our hostel) and goes up to the Narikala Fortress and Botanical garden as well.

Train to other parts of Georgia – Price depends on distance, www.railway.ge  (Main Station: Vagzals)

Details :
The Vagzals – Marshutka / Bus / Train >> From Vagzals you can travel to Some of the regions of West and East Georgia.

Didube “Okriba” Station – Marshutka >> From Okriba Station you can travel to Western Georgian Regions.

Samgori Station – Marshutka >> From Samgori you can travel to Eastern Georgian Regions.

Ortachala Station – Marshutka / Bus >> From Ortachala you can travel to Nearby Countries (Yerevan , Baku , Istanbul (Price dimensions between 40 Gel – 100 Gel)

Travelling around

Minibuses to other regions of Georgia go from Didube.

Travelling by train is fairly comfortable and popular in Georgia. You can take night trains to Batumi for as cheap price as 5.50 laris. Trains also go to nearby capitals Yerevan and Baku.

Hitchhiking in Georgia is quite easy and enjoyable, local drivers will be more than happy to help you and have a chat with you. Girls should not hitcchike alone and definitely wear descent clothes to avoid any kind of misunderstandings.

Our hostel will provide guests with maps of Georgia as well as maps of every region. Be sure to ask for some more travel tips! :)

























• 24-hour reception
• Free Internet (Wi-Fi)
• Bar 
• Alcohol
• Beer
• Wine 
• Vodka (chacha)
• Juice 
• Snacks
• FREE tourist information and 24-hour assistance!
• Hot Water
• Bar / Chillout Area
• Free coffee and tea
• Backpack-sized lockers (included in the price) 
• Bed linen / Towels (included in the price)
• Taxes Included in the price
• Day-storage of luggage after check out
• Washing and drying machine
• BBQ area
• FREE kitchen 
• Breakfast (extra charge)
• Tickets and tour bookings
• Iron and ironing board
• Airport shuttle transfers
• Tour Desk / Maps
• Free Hair Dryer
• Free Iron and Ironing facilities
• Washing Machine / Dryer
• Free Computer 
• Airport Transfer ( extra charge 30-40 Gel) 







Address : Old Tbilisi, Ascent from between Tumaniani str. N9 and N7 to the house above Garage Bar(find Directions and Transportation section above)

We are waiting for travellers! We are waiting you ;)!!!

For reservations call :

+995 591414495
+995 322 723227

For complaints or other issues contact:

+995 555554355


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