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Welcome to the world of entertainment and comfort at Friends Hostel! We make sure your stay is memorable by offering a variety of entertainment for all our guests.

  1. Board games

A great way to spend time with friends or new acquaintances. We have in stock:







And much more!

  1. Musical instruments

For those who love to play music, we have:


Acoustic guitar

  1. Movie show on the big screen

We invite you to our evening film show! Relax and enjoy watching your favorite movies on the big screen from the projector.

  1. Video games

For video game lovers we have:


A great opportunity to plunge into the world of virtual reality and compete with friends.

  1. Sports activities

For active guests we offer:

Basketball hoop and ball in the yard

A great opportunity to stretch your legs and spend time outdoors.

  1. BBQ Party (on Fridays)

On Friday evenings we organize a BBQ Party! Enjoy fresh barbecue, ready on the grill, with a side dish and appetizers for only 20 GEL. A great opportunity to spend time in the company of other guests and enjoy delicious food.

  1. Trips to hot sulfur springs

If you wish, we can organize a trip for you to the hot sulfur springs. Relax and enjoy the thermal baths for complete relaxation and relaxation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities at Friends Hostel and create unforgettable memories in the company of our guests and friendly staff!

If you would like to take part in any of the events, please contact the staff.