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Kitchen and food

Welcome to our hostel’s cuisine and food page! We are proud to offer our guests the unique opportunity to not only cook their own meals in our spacious kitchen, but also enjoy prepared meals prepared by our experienced staff.

Kitchen for guests

We have at our guests’ disposal a spacious and cozy kitchen, equipped with everything necessary for cooking. In our arsenal:

Gas stove for cooking various dishes.

Oven for baking and baking.

Microwave oven for quick and convenient heating of food.

Toaster and waffle iron to start the day with warm and flavorful pancakes or waffles.

A complete set of kitchen utensils — from frying pans and pots to cutlery and serving utensils.

Prepare your favorite meals and enjoy socializing with other guests in our cozy common area.

Ready-to-eat menu

In addition, we offer a variety of dishes prepared by our staff to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. Our daily offers include:

Soups — various soups prepared according to our own recipes.

Side Dishes — A variety of side dishes that are the perfect addition to your lunch or dinner.

Breakfast — Breakfast includes fresh scrambled eggs, as well as delicious pancakes and sandwiches.

Our dishes are prepared with love and care to ensure your satisfaction in every bite.

Additional amenities

We also have a separate guest refrigerator located in the dining room for guests to store their food items.

We do not limit the time you can use the kitchen and dining room, but we ask you to be a little quieter at night so as not to disturb the sleep of other guests.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try our delicious dishes and enjoy the atmosphere of friendliness and comfort of our hostel!

For more information about our menu and services, please contact our staff.

Bon appetit!